Sunday, April 12, 2009

Why the Mainstream Media is dying out

I am far from alone in bashing the old-style mainstream media (MSM) for their behavior - as indeed the continuing bankruptcy and even disappearance of a lot of them (the Rocky Mountain News, San Francisco Examiner, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, etc.) demonstrates. This Sunday is a perfect example of that. It was not a really busy newsday for a Sunday: that merchant captain made another, successful escape attempt from his pirate captors and three pirates got the justice they deserved; three children were shot execution-style in Louisiana; massive riots in Thailand caused the ASEAN meeting to be cancelled; the Zimbabwe dollar is officially toast; Mexico is officially blaming the USA for its druglords being so well armed; and more - yeah, the Obamas went to church today for the first time in months. The Washington Post - that flagship of the liberal, Tranzi, bleeding press - has a special E-mail alert service that you can sign up for to get important news fast. News like the airliner that went into the river in NYC, like Daschle withdrawing his name for HHS secretary, like the pitiful excuse for human trash that shot up an ICE center in NY. You get the picture. If I'd expected anything on their e-alert today, it would have been that Captain Phillips saved the First Citizen's political bacon by making a successful escape attempt there in the Indian Ocean. But no, of course that is not what the publishers who believe that "free flow of information is essential to a successful democracy" chose to fill my in-box with. No, THAT privilege of place was the flash announcement that Mr Obama had "fulfilled a campaign pledge" to give his daughters a puppy. Now, THAT is "essential" to successful democracy, indeed. And the old media wonders just why it is being flushed down the toilet and we are finding other things to line our birdcages with!