Thursday, November 11, 2004


Well, for the second day in a row, secession was some of the talk on the radio - I'll cheerfully let most of the "Blue" counties go anywhere they want, and gladly accept the loss of their tax money, their "creativeness," and their increasingly-pathetic whining.

I've long been an advocate of secession, anyway, and come by it naturally: after all, some of my ancestors seceeded when they heard about these neat things called "horses" about 600 miles to the south, and decided that the plains of Wyoming and South Dakota were not as nice a place to live as the Staked Plains. Then a hundred or so years later, some other ancestors decided that the United Kingdom could have an empire without them, and seceded together (after seceding in a way initially by emigrating). And only about sixty years later, some more of my ancestors decided that seceding from the EU de Mexico might be wise. Then, just a quarter-century later, after a foolish marriage of convenience, decided to secede from the USA - unfortunately, they should have also seceded from the CSA, and gone it alone.

So if someone wants to leave the USA, more power to them, as long as they take their ideas with them and leave those of us who just want a little peace and quiet, and a lot of freedom, to enjoy what's left. It is easier than the other way, where we have to do the seceding again - I don't know, how about the Alliance of Free Western States, anyone? I mean, I think the South has a copyright on "Confederate" and "Coalition" is being used right now, and "Commonwealth" has two copyrights (and a lot of bad history).

Well, it's an idea.

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Anonymous said...

This silly page won't let me sign in without getting a blog, so I'll have to put in my information myself. I'm MamaLiberty, from The Price of Liberty.

My ancestors on my father's side were political refugees from Scotland in the late 1800s. They came to America and settled in the Dakota Territories, living close to the indians and making their living by ranching. I would love to hear their stories, but my father died when I was only 4 and he had no other living family, so they died with him.

My mother's ancestors came from Holland, and endured all of the political surpression of the 1800s there too. She never told my sister or me much about it at all and she's gone now so I'll never know why. I suspect that her grand parents didn't share those stories either. Maybe they all just wanted to forget the past and make their way in this good new country. Too bad it didn't last long.

The legacy of rugged individualist and the desire for freedom, however, took hold hard in my heart and mind and I've been emotionally separated from this "America" we live in now for a long time.

There doesn't seem to be much hope for any section of the country to break away from the socialists and statists now in control at every level. If they let one bunch get away with it, they'd have real chaos on their hands in no time, and far fewer slaves to tax to death as well. They are sure not going to seceed and leave us alone to live our lives. Not going to happen.

The only thing that has any chance of working, seems to me, is to seceed as much as possible in your own life now. Considering the coming economic collapse and the hard times that will bring. With possible roving gangs of parasites and thugs of all breeds, it would seem wise to form close knit communities of people with like minds and goals for mutual protection, with the capacity for living "off the grid" and self-sufficient as possible.

If you want an idea of just how bad it could get, read "The Postman" by David Brin and "The Millenium Bug" by Don L. Tiggre. Both are available at The latter one shows how a small community could survive, but I suspect it would take a much larger group of people to make it practical.

We have to face the fact that there will be incredible suffering and loss of life - both the innocent and the perpetrators of this socialist horror - during this transition, and if you wait for the economy to break down you will have little chance to survive.

Then, those communities that do survive can begin to rebuild once the parasites and thugs kill each other off. This is the dream, and I'd call it the REAL "American dream" for this century.

Don't wait to "vote" in the next election. It won't ever happen. Plan now to survive. MamaLiberty