Saturday, February 05, 2005

Red Star, White Star, No Star

The following news story was published on Friday the 4th of February. It frankly disgusts me:

EU group wants hammer & sickle banned
Fox News
"A group of conservative European Union lawmakers from eastern Europe called Thursday for a ban on communist symbols, including the red star and the hammer and sickle, to match a proposed EU ban on the Nazi swastika. The group from Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic said the communist symbols should be included in any ban because of the suffering caused by Soviet-backed regimes in eastern Europe. 'We would like to have an equal treatment of the other evil totalitarian regime of the communist system,' said Jozsef Szajer, an Hungarian member of the European Parliament. EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner Franco Frattini has proposed a Europe-wide ban on display of the swastikas and other Nazi symbols as part of a campaign to combat anti-Semitism and intolerance." (02/03/05),2933,146288,00.html

Talk about symbol over substance! At a time when socialism is taking over more and more of Europe, they want to hide the symbols. Pretend it will go away then. Right.

Let’s see, how many more symbols could we add? How about the various Imperial Eagles (Russian, German, French, Austrian) – after all, millions suffered and died because of these imperialist regimes over centuries. The German (Imperial) Iron Cross must also go, together with the swastika. Oh, and we can’t forget the Roman/Mussolini fasces (the ax with a bundle of rods wrapped around it) – how many acts of genocide did the Romans commit? Let’s see, what about the Turkish/Islamic crescent moon – Turks and other Islamists killed millions of Europeans and enslaved even more over more than a thousand years. We must also add Napoleon’s honey-bees and other trappings, and that French Tri-color, waved by hordes of fanatics who butchered their way from Gibraltar to the gates of Moscow in the “cause” of “Liberty, Fraternity, and Equality.” Of course, that was in response to the tyranny of the Bourbon kings, so we must also ban the fleur-de-lis, even in its modern guise as the symbol of international Scouting (or perhaps BECAUSE of its use by that religious-intolerant-fascist-paramilitary organization).

Anything else? Well, the blood-soaked history of Europe offers so many things that are symbolic of suffering, tyranny, genocide, killing, and such that we have to continue to add to the “Omnibus European Hate Symbols Ban Act of 2005.”

How about the very worst of examples of evil known to modern Europeans: the American Bald Eagle, the Stars and Stripes (those Americans even have the gall to print a military newspaper by that name and with it on the masthead IN EUROPE!), and the White Star. I’m sure that there are some other American symbols of evil to be added – perhaps even the use of the initials USA (like the initials NSDAP or the contraction “Na-zi” (for National Socialist)) should be outlawed. Oh yes, and don’t forget that symbol, the Statue of Liberty. I know it came from France, but that was about five or six “republics” ago, and now they know better: liberty is evil, and American liberty is even more evil.

But this is not enough – there are the symbols of that evil that is even greater than America, greater than the Soviets, greater than the Nazis – an evil that has been around now for nearly 2,000 years. That evil, of course, is Christianity – that bloody, simpering, proselytizing, do-gooder, right-wing, holier-than-thou movement that has swept the world and used as an excuse for mass murder, genocide, destruction of cultures, tyranny, liberty, and virtually every other evil known to modern man. Obviously, if the hammer and sickle and swastika are to be banned, than so must that most evil of symbols (from which both other symbols may have been taken, by the way) – that evil thing called the “cross.” Of course, ALL forms of the cross must be eliminated, whether it be a crucifix (obviously a particularly distasteful use – hanging up a carving of a DEAD guy on your wall- how tacky), Nordic or St. Andrews or St. George or Lorraine or any of the other hundreds of versions. And we must also ban all other symbols of that hated and hateful religion – the rooster used by the German Evangelical (Protestants), the shepherd’s crook/staff, the bishop’s mitre, the various symbols of the mythical “Trinity,” and of course, that hideous book, the Bible – worse than Mein Kampf, Das Capital, and Mao’s Little Red Book combined. Only then can Europe truly be free from fear and bad feelings and a sense of past history.

So go for it, all you politicians and bureaucrats and new-agers and liberated men and womyn and “its” there between the Atlantic and the Urals. Make your future safe by denying your past, and obliterating your present. Nothing is too good for the new order, is it? You make me sick.

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