Sunday, October 21, 2007

A plug, a plug

A plug, a plug: although Mama Liberty ( ) just published the article last week about JPFO’s “Goody Guns” I had already ordered several sets, some to use and some for gifts (great Thanksgiving or Christmas gifts).

A pair came in on Friday, and the first batch of cookies baked Saturday (using JPFO’s kosher recipe) went over very well, especially among the younger set) at the monthly congregational pot-luck this (Sunday) afternoon. We didn’t bring any home, and the recipe was almost shortbread tasting, in the thicker version we used. (Too thin breaks such large cookies too easily.) Debby and I intend to use them as one of the “standard” refreshments for training classes that we do, and for meetings of such things as Character Council, Local Emergency Planning Committees, and such. And I’m waiting for the revolver version. We are looking at making Jello (TM) versions, also.

Whatever we make from them, the purpose shouldn't be forgotten: to make sure that people understand that guns are an important part of American life, not something evil as airports, schools, and courthouses want to make them out to be. Goody guns are perfect for teaching children safe gunhandling (my sons were doing that to the kids at the pot-luck) but they also are great conversation starters: especially if you are wearing an empty or full holster.

Which brings me to my second plug of the week: Starting today, Sunday, 21 OCT 2007, a lot of folks are participating in "Empty Holster Week" on college campuses around the US, reminding people that tragedies like the Virginia Tech killings aren't caused by a lack of laws prohibiting guns on campuses, or trying to make sure that mentally ill people can't buy or steal guns; they are caused by a lack of people able to defend themselves and their classmates, students, friends, and even neighbors in "gun-free zones" like so many college campuses are today.

I personally don't expect to be on a college campus this week but am going to wear an empty holster, anyway, to support those students and teachers and staff who ARE on college campuses doing this. I hope that you will join me. It is an important cause. I am, of course, going to continue to carry: I normally carry concealed, but for those who openly carry - this week, wear an extra holster, okay? And it is a great opportunity to spread the messages:

1. A free society is an armed society.
2. An armed society is a polite society.
3. Being armed to defend yourself and others against aggression is living the Golden Rule.
4. Not all people that carry guns are either police OR evil-doers.

And many more.


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