Friday, November 19, 2010

New owner - Fighting Mad

Liberty is threatened and freedom is in danger.

A very good friend (and distant relation) of mine started this blog and maintained it sporadically for several years now, but has had to give it (and others) up due to a combination of work pressure, political pressure, and just plain a lack of time. So he asked me to take over, and he challenged me to try to make this live up to the potential that it has to spread a message of hope and liberty to Americans and to the world.

Liberty is such a precious and rare commodity through history, that we often fail to appreciate how much we had in the past - and now that we are losing it, it seems little more than a dream. But it is a dream that we CAN reclaim - that we MUST reclaim.

I don't pretend to be the writer or to have the breadth of knowledge that my friend did - and if it weren't for spell-checkers, more people would know that. But I shall strive to live up to his dreams - and to my dreams, of freedom and liberty.

I do (and must) remain even more anonymous than my friend was, but I suppose some secrets will inevitably get out. Of course, in some eyes I am already a marked man for what I've done in the past. So we cannot hope to hide as completely as some folks do. But then, what I am doing is standing up for what is right: I will try not to flee into darkness if someone does not like what I say.

Let me know what you think - I DO like feedback, and ask anyone reading this to toss back some thoughts to me.

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